Internal communication and the rules of attraction

If beauty is on the inside...

Internal communication and the rules of attraction

If beauty is on the inside...

…it will show on the outside

You’ll win your recruitment & retention battles when you manage to establish a meaningful relation with your employees.

Consistent, unified and relevant: keep telling your brave people what they do, how and why they work at your company – all within your employer brand.

Those are the stories that work:
the ones that give meaning.

This includes messaging for change trajectories as well, for internal mobility, training, well-being, community building, asking for a hand to find new colleagues.

Relevant also means: the right channel, at the right moment. Be more like a newspaper: be there when they look for you. Intranet, magazine, app, poster and email, desktop, mobile…

The right connections

Employees that feel genuinely connected to colleagues and to your greater whole, are much more likely to speak in favor of your organization – which will make you much more attractive for talent.

Hint: get offboarding right as well, and chances are your precious employee will consider coming back later on.

Internal Communication

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