From consumer brand to talent experience, that’s quite the ride

Ah, the burden of being famous for your looks

“We’ve been on tv and radio for years”, the Carglass® team confessed during our first meeting. “So whether your car windows or your car body need fixing, Carglass®  is top of mind.”

“Yet, when it comes to working for us and, especially, getting on the radar of the highly educated, we have quite the journey ahead of us. We have a state-of-the-art distribution center that serves the whole of Europe, and nobody knows.”

And we need those mechanics and those logistics experts badly, since we’re growing

Fuel: EVP. Gear box:
creative strategy

After extensive intake sessions and workshops, we were able to grasp the Carglass®  Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Based on their values it became clear they all shared an honest, outspoken feelgood vibe, which enables them to deliver their renowned outstanding customer experience.

Symbolized in a trademark smile and tagline claiming “you could spot who works at Carglass®”, the EVP and creative strategy were laid down in an employer brand play book that outlines the what, how and why. Ready to roll?

Incredibly feelgood, with a unique spirit but very driven as well. That’s our Carglass® smile

from employer brand
to talent experience

A heartwarming video featuring colleagues puts Carglass® as employer in the market and creates awareness around their unique vibe. Giving colleagues the scoop through internal communication first, of course.

Short video outtakes generate traffic to a wholly new mobile-friendly job website, where applying is as easy as having your car fixed by the people that could become your colleagues.

Rewritten, short and candidate-centric job descriptions that zoom in on the what’s in it for me as candidate. Ads, print and online.

Bannering and remarketing. Getting temp agencies aligned with the new brand guidelines.

That dreaded ATS

As the employer brand gets rolled out and is doing its job, we’re making it come alive at every touch point, step by step.

Better even. That impossible ATS? It’s been perfectly streamlined on the front-end, made simple and super-access-friendly for candidates.

Keep on putting that candidate first – and see what happens.

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